Hi, I'm Karthik! 👋

I’m a Software Engineer who likes open-source and functional programming


Some thoughts on goal setting

I decided to change how I approach my goals for 2022
28 Dec 20212 min read

FAQ - Why I quit WhatsApp

Many of my friends have been asking me these questions, I decided to quickly write them down in one place
09 Jan 20214 min read

Functional Programming Patterns: A Cookbook

A practical exploration into ADTs and functional programming patterns in JavaScript, aimed at users graduating from ramda and similar libraries
24 Jan 201920 min read

JavaScript Async/Await Gotchas

A few things I struggled with when I started using async await
13 Aug 20175 min read

Rock solid end-to-end continuous integration with Nightwatch.js

Make your end-to-end tests more stable on CI
13 Aug 20176 min read